Batters Up!

Gear up for opening day with all its gala fanfare as the Detroit Tigers pitch another season of America’s favorite pastime. Or, get ready for more top-notch family fun as four Michigan communities heat up the season’s minor league baseball craze. Grab the kids and load up on those peanuts, caramel corn and hot dogs–its game time!

Birding Opportunities Abound in Michigan

Celebrate spring and explore Michigan’s many bird-watching prospects. Nothing says spring like the “conk-a-ree” call of a red-winged blackbird or the raucous sounds of a sandhill crane. Spring means bird migration, and that makes for prime birding opportunities in Michigan’s woods, wetlands and waters.

Body, Mind and Spirit Retreat

Forget the hustle, bustle and stress of daily cares and immerse yourself in a day–or weekend– of pampering and rejuvenation surrounded by scenic settings, vibrant cities and just about anything in between.

Campground Fun and Recreation

Hiking, biking, fishing, snowshoe walks–Michigan offers more than a thousand campgrounds statewide with activities galore to help enjoy the great outdoors. Camp along rivers, lakes, sand dunes and beaches, in state parks and national forests. You don’t have to venture far from your campsite to find something for everyone. Here are some fun things to try during your next Michigan camping trip.

Curtain Call

Experience unexpected passion and unusual presentation when you visit Michigan’s fine art galleries, cultural institutions and performing arts venues located in every corner of the state.

Exploring African American History

Get ready for an eye-opening encounter when you visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History—the world’s largest institution dedicated to the African American experience. Enter the 65-foot glass rotunda, where you’ll tour a 20-plus exhibit gallery chronicling America’s slave trade and the Underground Railroad.

Five-Star Wilderness Explorations

From Mackinac Island and the Soo Locks, to the Porcupine Mountains and Isle Royale, you’ll be amazed by the things to do and see in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s a place of spectacular natural beauty, countless attractions and endless activities.

Go Great Brews On The Move

Three new ways to experience craft beer in Pure Michigan this summer.

Great Lakes

Michigans very name is rooted in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian word for large lake, and its handprint on the earth, the mitten-like Lower Peninsula and jagged-edged Upper Peninsula, is shaped by four of the five Great Lakes: Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior. Sailors called them the Sweetwater Seas.


No matter where you decide to vacation in Michigan there is a hiking, biking or water trail ready and waiting.

Hitting Your Stride on Michigan Trails

Lace up those running shoes, perfect your warm-up routine, stretch just a little bit more and get ready to burn some calories.  Take the challenge—go ahead and hit the trail. Running can get pretty tedious. However, having a rocking playlist on your iPod can help– but it’s not nearly as good as taking things off road.

Mackinac Island’s Women’s Wellness and a Wee Bit ‘O Wine Weekend

Mackinac Island’s Women’s Wellness and a Wee Bit ‘O Wine Weekend — October 17-19, 2014 — a special retreat centered on living a healthy lifestyle in a hectic world.

Makers & Shakers – Michigan’s Newest Beer, Wine & Spirits Trail

Has your summer vacation left you thirsty? Then, the Greater Lansing area and surrounding communities have a quencher for you. Hop on Makers & Shakers Trail and take a tasting tour of Lansing’s finest libations. Home to over a dozen craft wineries, microbreweries, cider mills, and distilleries, mid-Michigan is making waves with its selection of spirited beverages.

Michigan’s Freshwater Seas

Take advantage of sunny skies and warm days to explore our Great Lakes and experience the many activities, sites and pleasures that our lakes and beaches make possible. From lighthouse tours to sand dunes, from shipwrecks to scuba diving and from deep-sea fishing to yacht racesour Great Lakes beckon you to our shores.

Museum Journeys

Explore an abandoned mine, a towering lighthouse, or a genuine stagecoach inn; witness the changing of the guard or fire a cannon at a historic fort; participate in a history lesson from a bygone era, or glimpse into the lives of early Native American artists — Michigan has a variety of history museums that provide a look at the many places and faces of our legendary past.

Neverending Summer

Discover five reasons to find your never-ending summer on the waters of Pure Michigan.

Pure Michigan Outdoors

Pack a picnic lunch, grab the beach towels and sand buckets, restock the tackle box, fishing gear and camping supplies. Load the kids in the car– it’s time for a day at the park.

Rediscover Your Childhood at Camp Kitigin

Remember what summer camp was like as a kid–sun, fun, campfire sing-alongs, night hikes, survival skits, confidence-building exercises, new friends and lifelong memories. Summer camp is not just for the kids anymore. With the partnership between Michigan Recreation & Park Association and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, adults can also get in on the fun at a unique three-day summer camp just for adults.

Scuba Diving and Underwater Exploration

Break out your diving gear and explore sunken ships, take a virtual tour of shipwrecks via live video feeds, or enroll in a class to learn basic scuba diving skills.

Sunrise Coast Maritime and Nature Trails

Grab the sunglasses, beach towels, scuba gear, binoculars and camping equipment—it’s time to head to Michigan Northeast coast.  From towering lighthouses to sunken vessels; from Native American heritage to quaint harbor towns; from groomed trails to tall ship; from festivals to fireworks–Michigan’s Sunrise Coast offers the ideal family getaway.

Surfs Up

So, you want to surf. You don’t need an ocean to enjoy this invigorating water sport. You just need waves–and Michigan is a great place to catch some smooth ones. Go ahead, take off, hang hills, catch the wave—our fresh water lakes await you.

The Ann Arbor Area Embraces Craft Beer

It’s FeBREWary in Ann Arbor as the area celebrates the opening of HopCat, a second Beer Grotto location, and the arrival of Null Taphouse. Grab a pint and discover why the Ann Arbor area loves beer!

Upper Peninsula Adventure, Intrigue and Relaxation

Adventure abounds for those who like to explore, canoe, raft, kayak, sail, fish, hunt or bike in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Become memorized by the unspoiled wilderness, breath-taking landscapes, cascading waterfalls—and vast expanse of shoreline brimming three magnificent Great Lakes with endless recreational opportunities. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is where you’ll find exploration, intrigue, relaxation and romance.

Visit Grand Rapids for New Stores and New Sights

The best shopping between Chicago and Detroit got even better with the July 31 opening of Tanger Outlet Mall in Grand Rapids.