Travel Information Services is always searching for great brochure display hosting facilities, such as hotels, businesses with 500 plus employees, hospitals, attractions, etc.

Would you like a free service that provides tourist information both locally and regionally for your employees, customers and guests?

What do we provide?

  • An attractive color coordinated well stocked brochure display.
  • Scheduled weekly to monthly service to re-stock brochures.
  • Year-round mix of local and regionally brochures: Golf, Ski, CVB’s, Canoe, Shopping, Recreation, Camping, Dining, Attractions, etc.
  • Great service with an excellent reputation.
  • Your chance to provide to your guests or employees a benefit that is absolutely FREE!

Brochure Display - Light or Dark

Travel Information Services provide two brochure display colors: oak (light) and mahogany (dark). Special colors can be made for exceptional locations but by special request.

Display sizes for brochures vary depending on hosting location. In general, our traditional displays range from 37” wide, 52”-57” height, 19”-23” depth. Our solid built displays look great and all come with strong wheels or casters.

Call our office or email for any questions or provide your request to be considered a T.I.S. display location!

Travel Information Services maintains ownership of the displays.


Light Oak Brochure Display